Funding opportunities

The University of Bordeaux offers a number of funding opportunities for starting a doctorate program in one of its doctoral schools.

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Doctoral contracts

The contractual doctoral student has the dual status : student and  University employee. This guide informs you of the HR regulations concerning each newly recruited contractual doctoral student...

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Interdisciplinary Doctorate program

Every year, the Graduate Research School of the University of Bordeaux opens an interdisciplinary call for doctoral fellowships intended to promote research cooperation between the departments.

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International doctorate program

In 2018, the Graduate Research School of the University of Bordeaux once again launched an international call.

Disability doctorate program

The Graduate Research School offers any student with disability wishing to enter a PhD program the opportunity to submit an application.

International application programs

There are many funding programmes designed to support a mobility stay in Bordeaux during the doctorate for international PhD students.

International mobility programs

The Graduate Research School supports the international mobility of PhD students at the University of Bordeaux, and offers funding for research stays in another international University.

International graduate programs : calls for application

Every academic year, our three graduate programs offer PhD fellowships to international candidates. Find out more about their application calendar and eligibility criteria on their websites.

CIFRE thesis

The doctoral student prepares the doctorate in a company, conducting research and development and collaborating with a research team in the university outside the company.

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Complementary missions

A contractual doctoral student may, in addition to his or her research activity, carry out a complementary teaching activity for a maximum of 64 hours of teaching distributed over the academic year.