Graduate Programs

The Graduate Research School features three advanced Graduate Programs founded on disciplines where Bordeaux has achieved international levels of excellence in terms of education and research.

What is a Graduate Program?

Through the launch of the UBGRS 2.0 project, the Graduate Research School is aiming to strengthen the connection between Master’s and PhD degrees by setting up the first University of Bordeaux’s Graduate Programs.

SiTH - Science and Technology for Health

SiTH offers an in-depth training program focused on health innovations including bioimaging, molecules and nanosciences for health, regenerative medicine, and translational medicine.


An innovative and multidisciplinary program dedicated to the study of environmental issues, related to development, management and protection of eco- and agro-systems.

Bordeaux Neurocampus

The Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program is an innovative, transversal international training program in Neuroscience, including a Master of Science and a Doctoral Program.

Light Sciences and Technologies

The international Graduate Program in Light Sciences and Technologies is an integrated, interdisciplinary Master and Doctoral Program combining physics, chemistry and biology, focusing on knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship in light sciences and technologies.

Digital Public Health

The international Graduate Progam in Digital Public Helath explores the impact of digital public health on society, and includes a Master of Sciences, a doctoral Program and a vocational University Diploma.


The Numerics Graduate Program trains experts in analyzing and understanding the needs of new services on mobile objects, smart cities, personalized medicine and many other technological innovations.


The EUREkA Graduate Program provides a complete interdisciplinary and international training from Master to Doctorate in the domain of chemistry and physico-chemistry of materials.

Cancer Biology

The Cancer Biology Graduate Program provides an interdisciplinary and international training from Master (MSc) to Doctorate (PhD). It covers the fundamental bases and emergent areas in the field of cancer, from basic cellular and molecular biology to translational and clinical research in oncology.

Cardiac EP

The Cardiac EP Graduate Program provides an interdisciplinary and international training from Master (MSc) to Doctorate (PhD). It aims at training high-level specialists in a large variety of fields in electrophysiology and cardiac bio-engineering.