Light Sciences and Technologies Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in Light Sciences and Technologies

The trans-disciplinary Graduate Program in Light Sciences and Technologies will focus on three domains of excellence of the University of Bordeaux: light generation, manipulation and detection; extreme regimes of light; and light imaging & biophotonics. The LIGHT S&T education strategy includes new intersectorial and immersive training, with extensive laboratory and/or industrial internships, a course in innovation & entrepreneurship in photonics, as well as support for international exchange programs.

The field of ‘Photonics’ has the capacity to address some of the greatest revolutions of the 21st century, in advanced manufacturing, ICT, energy, healthcare, security or environmental protection...

Brahim Lounis  — Light S&T graduate program directorLight ST

Updated on 03/02/2020

Light S&T Graduate Program

Andréa COZON
Project Officer for the Light S&T Graduate Program

Talence Campus– IOA
Rue François Mitterrand (Tram B – Stop Arts et Métiers)
33405 TALENCE Cedex

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