The PubhDs

PubhD is a monthly event for the large public that takes place in about 20 European cities.

What is it?

During each PubhD, 3 PhD doctoral students from different disciplines - the speakers - present their thesis topic in a pub, in a maximum of 10 minutes.

  • Your mission? To be understandable by the general public, including non-academic, without powerpoint or jargon. . 
  • Your reward? An experience of scientific mediation, exciting debates and... a pint!


From September to June, PubhDs are held once a month. They are announced in the "News" section.

Any question?

Contact PubhD Bordeaux collective at : 

These convivial scientific mediation events, led by a group of doctoral students from the University of Bordeaux, are open to all.

Updated on 12/02/2020

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