International doctoral programs

The University of Bordeaux is setting up an international strategy focused on the doctorate to support doctoral schools in the process of internationalization.

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As part of the University of Bordeaux’s international strategy, the College of Doctoral Studies, in collaboration with the International department , is expanding its relationships  with preferred partners, in order to set up international campuses of excellence and strengthen doctoral programs

International doctoral programs

  • The European Doctorate  ALGANT DOC (mathematics)
  • The European Doctorate  TRANSGLOBAL HEALTH (public health)
  • The European Doctorate  ENC NETWORK (Neurosciences)
  • The European Doctorate  FUN MAT (Materials ériaux fonctionnels)
  • The European Doctorate  SUSPOL(Organocatalyse et polymères)
  • The internationnal Doctorate OENODOC (oenology)
  • Materials sciences joint doctoral program at the Franco-German doctoral school with Darmstadt Technical University (Germany)
  • Development of thesis co-supervision program (all disciplines) with Kyoto University (Japan)
  • Development of thesis co-supervision Program (Science and Technology) with the University of Kumamoto (Japan)
  • Development of thesis co-supervision program (Science and Technology) with the Indian Institute of Technology of Madras (India). 

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