Funding to come to the University of Bordeaux

Some advice on how to complete your doctorate at the University of Bordeaux or to come for a temporary research stay

Starting a doctorate at the University of Bordeaux

To start a doctorate, you must meet certain prerequisites.

Before taking any steps, you should identify the doctoral school that corresponds to your specialty and your research project.
You must then contact a potential thesis supervisor from a research unit affiliated with the doctoral school you have identified, who would agree to supervise you.

Funding your doctorate at the University of Bordeaux

Doctoral funding can be awarded by institutions via doctoral schools (doctoral contracts), through a partnership with another organization (public institutions, research organizations, partner universities, companies, associations, foundations, etc.) or in response to a call for proposals (Region, ANR, European funding, French government grants, foreign government grants, etc.). Application modalities vary according to the source of funding and the doctoral school to which you are affiliated. In all cases, your potential thesis supervisor should help you with these steps before the doctorate project.

To learn more about funding opportunities:

Doing a research stay at the University of Bordeaux

If you wish to come to the University of Bordeaux only for a temporary research stay, you must contact directly a teacher-researcher or a research unit likely to welcome you.

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