The cotutelle doctoral program (double degree)

The doctoral student is enrolled in two partner institutions, the University of Bordeaux and a foreign one, in order to obtain two qualifications (double degree).

Currently, the University of Bordeaux has more than 240 cotutelle doctoral students, with nearly 110 partner institutions in Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon, USA etc. The cotutelle doctoral program offers many advantages with respect of the career pursuit :

  • acquisition of new skills
  • development of an international professional network
  • international career opportunities

Outstanding benefits throughout doctoral studies

  • dual enrolment: UB and a foreign partner institution
  • a cotutelle contract to coordinate the system
  • significant mobility, spending 18 months in each institution
  • two thesis supervisors, ensuring dual expertise in supervision of the research
  • payment of enrolment fees alternates between the institutions
  • access to disciplinary and transversal training courses in both institutions
  • one thesis defended, a single viva
  • a double doctoral degree (co-graduation)

Updated on 17/02/2020


Stéphanie DANAUX
Project Officer for the Cotutelle Doctoral Program

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