The international co-supervision

International co-supervision is a system that allows the doctoral student to benefit from the expertise of two thesis supervisors and contribute to the scientific development of French and foreign research teams.

The doctoral student is enrolled in a single institution with two thesis supervisors, one from the University of Bordeaux and the other from a foreign institution. They share the scientific supervision of the doctoral student's research work.

This international co-supervision system also offers numerous advantages for doctoral students in scientific and human terms (double supervision, prospects for international mobility, access to the infrastructures of two institutions, development of professional network, etc).

How it works

  • The doctoral student is enrolled in a single institution
  • The international co-supervision of the thesis takes place from the first year of enrolment on the doctorate course or at the latest before the end of the second year
  • The doctoral student is strongly recommended to visit the partner institution
  • An international jury is recommended for the defense
  • Depending on the case, international co-supervision may require a contract between the University of Bordeaux and the partner institution

Updated on 28/11/2017

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