Welcome to Bordeaux

An international doctoral student must complete various administrative processes before and upon arrival in Bordeaux.

The services of the University of Bordeaux

To help you settle in, your contacts at the University of Bordeaux are the International Researchers Reception Office (BACI) and the Student Life Offices (BVE).

The International Researchers' Office (BACI)

The BACI assists international researchers with their entry and stay in France, and facilitates incoming international scientific mobility on the Bordeaux site.

The BACI assists doctoral students with a work contract in France with the following processes: entry requirements, obtaining a residence permit, social security and health insurance, tax declaration, etc.

For more information, visit the dedicated page: https://www.u-bordeaux.fr/International/venir-bordeaux/doctorants-internationaux/bienvenue-a-bordeaux

Student Life Offices (BVE)

The BVEs help students with all questions related to student life (restaurants, culture, sports activities, associations, etc.), provide assistance with daily life (housing, jobs, financial aid) and organize the permanence of public services such as the CAF (housing assistance), the TBM transportation network, etc.

The BVEs also assist international students with their arrival process and throughout their stay in order to facilitate their integration.

The BVEs are located on each university campus (Talence, Pessac, Victoire, Carreire).

For more information, visit the dedicated page: https://www.u-bordeaux.fr/campus/animation-des-campus/accueil-des-etudiants

Campus France

Campus France is a public institution in charge of promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming foreign students and researchers in France. You will find on their website all the practical information you need to prepare your arrival in France.


Updated on 15/02/2023

Useful links on housing

To find an accommodation, the University of Bordeaux provides you a platform of ads. To create an account, use the password : HOUSINGUBDX