2021 UBx Thesis Prize

Thesis Prizes have been organized by the Graduate Research School in order to promote high quality thesis and motivate young doctors by distinguishing the best fundamental and applied research of the University of Bordeaux.

  • 09/07/2021

Auditions results

37 doctors form every disciplines combined applied for the thesis prizes 2021 awarded as part of the University of Bordeaux Idex and organized by the Graduate Research School. After a doctoral schools preselect, 8 doctors have been auditionned on June 29th 2021 by an international jury composed by teachers-researcher, representative of the major disciplinary fields. At the end of the auditions, 4 young doctors from the University of Bordeaux, have been awarded for their excellent work defended in 2020.

The "Humanities and socials sciences" price

Alexandra CAMPMAS, Doctoral School Economic Sciences, Management and Demography for her research on « Institutional environment and bank behaviour : the case of European banks », thesis supervised Sophie BRANA et Ion LAPTEACRU (Laboratoire d'Analyse and de Recherche en Économie et Finance Internationales)

The " Sciences and technologies " price

Nuria MIRET ROIG , Doctoral School Physics and Engineering, for her research on « COSMIC-DANCE : A comprehensive census of nearby star forming regions », thesis supervised by Hervé BOUY (Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux).

The " Biology and Health " price

Hannah KAMINSKI, Doctoral School Health and Life Sciences, for her research on « Insights into the physiology of the gamma-delta T lymphocytes through the interaction of the cytomegalovirus with its immunocompromised human host », thesis supervised by Julie DECHANET-MERVILLE (Immunologie Conceptuelle, Expérimentale et Translationnelle).

The " International Jury" price

Mayte GOMEZ CASTANO, Doctoral School Chemical Sciences, for her research on « Optical metamaterials: design, up-scalable fabrication and characterization », thesis supervised by Serge RAVAINE (Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal) and Agustin MIHI (Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona).

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2021 Thesis Prize

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