Interview of 2017 Thesis Prizes

The young doctors give us their impressions of the research environment and the postgraduate studies.

  • 14/02/2018

At the end of the auditions, four young researchers from the Bordeaux site were rewarded for the excellence of their work supported ...

  •     JEUNET Camille , école doctorale Sociétés, Politique, Santé Publique :  Prix « Spécial du Jury International »« Understanding and Improving Mental-Imagery Based Brain-Computer Interface (MI-BCI) User-Training: Towards a New Generation of Reliable, Efficient and Accessible Brain-Computer Interfaces
  •     DUMAS Antoine, école doctorale Montaigne Humanités :  Prix « Sciences Humaines et Sociales »« Le premier âge du Fer en vallée de Garonne et sur ses marges. Dynamiques chrono-culturelles et territoriales »
  •     HOFFMAN Anna, école doctorale Sciences Chimiques : Prix « Sciences et technologies »« Aqueous Dispersions of Conducting Polymers for Opto-Electronic Applications”  
  •     CHAUDUN Fabrice école doctorale Sciences de la Vie et de la Santé :  Prix «  Biologie-Santé »“Involvement of dorsomedial prefrontal projections pathways to the basolateral amygdala and ventrolateral periaqueductal grey matter in conditioned fear expression”

Portraits of Camille Jeunet and Antoine Dumas

Camille Jeunet received the "Special International Jury Prize" for her work


Antoine Dumas received the "Humanities and Social Sciences" Prize for his work


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