Research integrity training

Research integrity training becomes a MOOC on FUN platform

  • 28/11/2018

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The training on research integrity developed by University of Bordeaux, in partnership with the CPU, COMETS-CNRS, INSERM and INRA, has been followed by doctoral students at the University of Bordeaux since 2017 and deployed in 2018 in other institutions including Aix-Marseille University, the University of Lorraine, the Muséum national d'Histoire Naturelle and AgroParisTech.

Nearly 1500 doctoral students have already validated this distance learning course, which aims to spread a culture of research integrity within universities and research institutions. Of the 369 doctoral students from Bordeaux and Aix-Marseille who answered the 2018 training evaluation questionnaire, 85% considered it useful and 89% considered they had acquired new knowledge. Following these feedbacks, a new version has been designed: denser, more funny (with a film section) and updated.

This new version becomes a MOOC "Research integrity in scientific professions" on the France Université Numérique (FUN) platform. It is available in two languages: French or English (with subtitles).

Fully committed to a process of research integrity, University of Bordeaux invites all its doctoral students to register on FUN:

English version:

This training (Counted for 15 hours of training) is mandatory for all doctoral students. They will have to retrieve the certificate of successful completion of the training and send it to their doctoral school by ADUM.

Young researchers and professors who join University of Bordeaux research units are also invited to follow this training.

The first session starts on 7 November 2018.