Scientific Game Jam

PhD students, gamify your thesis!
March 2018, Bordeaux will host its first Scientific Game Jam. Take part!

  • 09/01/2018

Over a weekend, from Friday 2 (6pm) to Sunday 4 (6pm), on the campus of Talence (Domaine du Haut-Carré), multidisciplinary teams will develop games based on PhD thesis work: role-playing game, platform game, strategy game, puzzle game... everything works to raise awareness of your discipline, popularize some scientific notions and/or collect data produced by the players. This original and innovative format for scientific dissemination has been successfully developed in Grenoble and Paris, as testified by this video:

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You are a PhD student, and you want to propose your subject to a participating team? Please fill in the form, we will get back to you should your application be selected. Your participation to the event will be worth 12h of doctoral training.

If you simply wish to join a team as a developer, graphic designer, sound designer, level designer / storyteller, or artist, registrations will be open from January 2018.

This event organized by the University of Bordeaux and Flat226, in partnership with Bordeaux Métropole, IUT de Bordeaux and MindLaBDX, will be patronized by Semaine digitale #SDBX365.

Game Jam

Please contact should you have any question or comment.