The Thesis Prizes 2019

The thesis prize is an opportunity to highlight the quality work of the University of Bordeaux and the University Bordeaux Montaigne doctors. Organized by the Graduate Research School, this call is for the doctors who defended their thesis in 2018.

  • 04/07/2019

Auditions results

65 doctors form every disciplines combined applied for the Thesis prizes 2019 awarded as part of the University of Bordeaux Idex and organized by the Graduate Research Schools. After a doctoral schools preselect, 10 doctors have been auditionned on June 27th 2019 by an international jury composed by teachers-researcher, representative of the major disciplinary fields. At the end of the auditions, 4 young doctors from the University of Bordeaux and the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, have been awarded for their excellent work defended in 2018.

The "Humanities and socials sciences" price 

Pierre BOURGOIS, from Law doctoral school, for his research on « Is He One of Them? Francis Fukuyama and American Neoconservatism », thesis supervised by PATRICK TROUDE-CHASTENET (INSTITUT DE RECHERCHES MONTESQUIEU – University of Bordeaux).

The " Sciences and technolgies " price

Guillaume NAULET, from Chemical Sciences doctoral school, for his research on « Protection techniques for the synthesis of large polycyclic arenes by Perkin reaction », thesis supervised by Harald BOCK and Fabien DUROLA (Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal - University of Bordeaux).

The " Biologie and Health " price

Blanka KELLERMAYER, from Health and Life Sciences doctoral school, for her research on « Super-resolution imaging reveals differential organization and regulation of NMDA receptor subtypes », thesis supervised by Laurent GROC (Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences – University of Bordeaux).

The " International Jury" price

Paul COURNARIE, from Montaigne Humanities doctoral school, for his research on « La bonne mesure du charisme. Les rois antigonides et leurs sujets », thesis supervised by Patrice BRUN et Vincent AZOULAY (AUSONIUS – University of Bordeaux Montaigne).


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