UBx Thesis Prize 2020

Thesis Prizes have been organized by the Graduate Research School as a part of the Excellence Initiative of the University of Bordeaux (IdEx Bordeaux), in order to promote high quality thesis and motivate young doctors by distinguishing the best fundamental and applied research of the University of Bordeaux.

  • 09/07/2020

Auditions results

64 doctors form every disciplines combined applied for the thesis prizes 2020 awarded as part of the University of Bordeaux Idex and organized by the Graduate Research School. After a doctoral schools preselect, 9 doctors have been auditionned on June 18th 2020 by an international jury composed by teachers-researcher, representative of the major disciplinary fields. At the end of the auditions, 4 young doctors from the University of Bordeaux, have been awarded for their excellent work defended in 2019.

The "Humanities and socials sciences" price

Basilie CHEVRIER, Doctoral School Society, Politics, Public Health for her research on « Longitudinal study of first-year students' psychosocial adjustment in university context: question of transition to adulthood », thesis supervised by Lyda LANNEGRAND (Laboratoire de Psychologie).

The " Sciences and technolgies " price

Long NGUYEN, Doctoral School Chemical Sciences, for his research on « Crystal Chemistry of Polyanion Vanadium Fluorinated Oxy-phosphates: From Atomic Local Structure to Electrochemical Performance in Na-ion Batteries », thesis supervised by Laurence CROGUENNEC (Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux) and Christian MASQUELIER (Université de Picardie Jules Verne).

The " Biologie and Health " price

Grégoire CULLOT, Doctoral School Health and Life Sciences, for his research on « Genotoxicity of CRISPR-Cas9 systems », thesis supervised by François MOREAU-GAUDRY (Biothérapie des Maladies Génétiques, Inflammatoires et du Cancer).

The " International Jury" price

Maude WAGNER,Doctoral School Society, Politics, Public Health, for her research on« Longitudinal approach of risk factors in dementia: modeling of trajectories and cumulative effects », thesis supervised by Cécile PROUST-LIMA et Cécilia SAMIERI (Bordeaux Population Health  Research Center).

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