the 180 seconds thesis competition

This competition, jointly organized by the CNRS and the Conference of University Presidents, involves presenting your research topic in simple terms to a diverse, lay audience. Your three-minute presentation should be clear, concise and convincing about your research project.

  • 29/11/2018

Doctoral students from the University of Bordeaux, come and take part in the 2018 competition. It help you how to communicate your research project to the general public.

Each participant will have three minutes to present his or her research, in plain language, to a non- specialist audience and a jury made up of researchers, journalists and businesspeople.

The challenge: make your thesis topic easily understandable in clear, concise and convincing French or English – and with the help of only one slide! Selections will be made in October. Participants will be filmed under competition conditions, and a multidisciplinary jury will choose finalists based on the videos, rating each participant’s performance according to the criteria in the official rules.

Participants will also have a unique opportunity to take part in a day of training in public speaking given by media professionals. Their aim will be to help you present your work effectively. 

Prizes will be awarded to the top three presentations. A special audience award will also be given.

The competition also serves to inform the general public about the wide and exciting range of scientific research being carried out. Last but not least, it is an opportunity for participants to meet PhD students working in other fields and learn about their work.

Carton plein pour l’université de Bordeaux

image finale régionale MT180s

Last Thursday 15 March, in Pau, the final of the Aquitaine universities' My Thesis in 180 seconds competition was held. Antoine Baudin, Élodie Chabroux and Matthieu Lewis are the winners who received the 3 first three places.

The vidéo winners

Key words :