Pre requisites

Thesis supervision is carried out by a Doctoral supervisor with “HDR or ADT” authorization, who may be helped by a co-supervisor under the same requirements as stipulated in the Order of May 25, 2016.

It can be ensured jointly by a thesis co-supervisor who must meet the same conditions as the supervisor. The status of supervisor without HDR or ADT is not recognized by the decree of August 26, 2022.

When enrolling on a doctorate program, a training agreement is signed by the doctoral student and his or her thesis supervisor. An individual monitoring committee for the doctoral student is also set up to ensure the smooth running of the thesis.

Supervisor and co-supervisors' actions

Can act as supervisor and co-supervisor  :

  • Professors and academics holding a similar position; staff of higher education institutions, public research organizations and research foundations authorized to conduct research projects.
  • Other persons holding an HDR or ADT authorization, approved by the Doctoral School Director and after approval by the academic council.

Updated on 08/09/2022