Training courses

The training and professional integration of doctoral students are national and local priorities.

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The training offered to doctoral students during their thesis, regardless of the discipline, aims to develop their employability, to acquire the skills necessary for attractive careers at the highest level.

The proposed courses are structured as follows:

• The specific (or scientific) training offered by doctoral schools

• The transversal training courses offered by the Graduate Research School

Interdisciplinary training courses open to doctoral students from several doctoral schools

Employed doctoral students can also follow training courses offered by their employers’ human resources department.

During the doctorate

Doctoral students also have the opportunity to carry out additional  missions, providing them with professional experience outside their research activity.

The new ADUM inerface : from now, all the process must be realized via the new ADUM interface. To consult the catalogue, to enroll for a training program, to complement the quiz, to obtain a certificate.


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