Complementary expertise missions

Complementary missions offer the opportunity to prepare the pursuit of career and add skills to convince a private or public employer.

The benefits of expertise missions

For the doctoral student

  • Practice his/her skills in a cotnext other than the laboratory
  • Acquire professional experience
  • Reinforce his/her network. Increase his/her knowledge  about  industrial partnership
  • Prepare his/her future carrer
  • Deal with issues and imperatives in a projection in which he/her is a partner
  • Develop the links between research, development, innovation, market release, employability and professional adaptation, internal and external cooperation

For the host institution

Link for the host institution

  • Respond to any additional needs
  • Identify future staff
  • Benefit from the expertise of young researchers
  • Create or strengthen links with academic research sites in order to improve innovation capacity and initiate new projects
  • Benefit from research tax credit (CIR) under certain conditions. Depending on the initial contract, the doctoral student will remain an employee of the university during the mission and his/her salary will be re-invoiced to the host institution throughout the expertise mission

Updated on 03/09/2019

About complementary missions

Complementary expertise missions

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