Training in Research Integrity for Doctoral Students

Article 3 of the decree of 25 May 2016 laying down the national framework for doctoral studies (“cadre national de la formation et les modalités conduisant à la délivrance du diplôme national de doctorat”) states that doctoral schools "shall ensure that each doctoral student receives training in research ethics and research integrity". In this context, all doctoral students at the University of Bordeaux are invited to follow the e-learning course on research integrity developed by professors Antoine de Daruvar and Yannick Lung with the Mission d'appui à la pédagogie et à l'innovation. Designed in partnership with the CPU, COMETS-CNRS, Inserm and INRA, this training course, structured in four modules, aims to strengthen a culture of research integrity by presenting the various issues involved and promoting a critical approach.  Doctoral schools are likely to offer additional training or workshops.

This training is part of the University of Bordeaux's overall policy to strengthen the scientific integrity of the work carried out in its various research units. This policy is set out in the Ethical Charter for Research and Valuation Activities: Responsibilities, Conflict of Interest Management and Dealing with Allegations of Scientific Misconducts (in French) adopted by the Executive board in July 2017.

  •  2017 : Nearly 500 doctoral students validated the training received during Spring 2017.
  •  2018 : This academic year 2017/18, the training (required for doctoral students in 1st year of thesis) will be given during two eight-week sessions:

It should be noted that other French universities (such as Aix-Marseille, Lorraine or Strasbourg) will use this training for their own doctoral students.

Updated on 19/05/2022

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