Training in Research Integrity for Doctoral Students

Article 3 of the decree of 25 May 2016 laying down the national framework for doctoral studies states that doctoral schools "shall in its Article 3 that doctoral schools "ensure that each doctoral student receives training in research ethics and scientific integrity. In this context, all doctoral students at the University of Bordeaux are required to take the two complementary MOOC "Scientific Integrity in the Research Profession" offered by the University of Bordeaux and "Research Ethics" offered by the University of Lyon on the FUN platform, starting in the first year of their thesis.

Scientific integrity in the research profession

Developed by Professors Antoine de Daruvar and Yannick Lung with the Mission d'appui à la pédagogie et à l'innovation and designed in partnership with the CPU, COMETS-CNRS, Inserm and INRA, this MOOC aims to disseminate a culture of scientific integrity within institutions. More than just transmitting knowledge, it aims to raise awareness of the various issues associated with scientific integrity and to encourage a critical approach by providing the basic elements necessary to understand and apply the requirements of scientific integrity.
This training is part of an overall policy of the University of Bordeaux to reinforce the scientific integrity of the work carried out in its various research units. This policy is specified in the Charte déontologique en matière d'activité de recherche et de valorisation. (in French).

Research Ethics

Developed by the University of Lyon this MOOC was designed in 2018 within the Research Ethics Platform.
It focuses on research ethics, is intended for all citizens and especially for doctoral students and researchers who want to understand the ethical issues of research raised in their practices, responsibilities and institutions and reflect on the contemporary transformations and implications of research...

Registration and validation

Pre-registration on your personal space ADUM and training on the FUN platform

At the end of the training, download the certificate of achievementissued by the platform in your personal space ADUM section "Training" for validation of the training and counting of hours.

Updated on 28/10/2022

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